New Roads, Pop Stars, and Staying Awake

I like new routes home

New roads to me

Roads I’ve never taken before

Especially on clear nights

Tonight the sky looks like



Sparkling beyond the trees

And I’m driving home

From Fort Campbell, KY

A sign says, “Golden Bayou”

Who are they kidding?

Just a creepy swamp to me

And I’ve never felt an affinity for creepy swamps at night

But, tonight I’m going home a different way

My job has taken me far away

The hour is late and I am tired

My eyes refuse to stay open

So, I’m listening to every song on my phone’s playlist

Every single one!

Who does that?

Large amounts of caffeine, Taylor Smith, and Three Dog Night

Or is it Swift?

I am too tired to remember

And I promised not to look at my phone when I drive

Well, whatever her name is

She’s keeping me awake

For the moment

High energy rock


Must stay awake

This is farm country

The Mississippi Delta

The roads are long, flat, and disappear into the horizon

Please keep me awake a little longer old rock song

Or new pop song – I don’t care which

Airplanes line up in the sky

Like little school children

Ready to go home

Their landing pattern swings them just a bit into Arkansas

Then a smooth touchdown in Memphis

Happy passengers disembark

The Delta’s full of rice fields

And I’m just a tiny speck

To the sleepy passengers above

Maybe like a grain of rice

To a hungry bird

Stars over Arkansas

My journey home is interrupted a second time tonight

By a passing train

On Highway 64 West

How does this happen?

I never get stopped by trains

But at least the music is loud

The caffeine does it job

And the stars seem bright as day

And I can almost hear the voice

Of my sweet bride

Welcome me home again.

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